Maximum Beverage has many years of experience creating memorable gifts for corporate clients both large and small. Call our Corporate Team at 860-761-2541 today to discuss the options today!

Services and offerings include:

*Private-label wines
*Special discounts on highly-rated and allocated selections
*Custom gift packaging
*Engraving and custom printing
*Hand-delivery by courier service in our geographic area & UPS signature-guarantee delivery throughout the the world.

Maximum Beverage offers all corporate clients a dedicated account representative who will serve as your single point-of-contact all the way from the original order placement right down to final shipment.

We can also assist in planning and executing specialty functions featuring wine, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Call Maximum Beverage (860-761-2541) today and speak with our Corporate Team to discuss what we can offer your business!

Some examples of available customizations:
Executive Cherry Wine Accessory Kit
Double-Hinge Corkscrew
Tabletop Decanter

Custom Wine Labels